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5. How does DAITRA help maintain our product's quality?

    We employ many measures to ensure the quality of the products that are produced for the client-buyer after the goods enter into production. First, we will make both announced and unannounced inspections of the facility when the product is being produced, since DAITRA has a presence in China. Second, during the inspection, we will examine a sample of the finished products to ensure they conform to the client-buyer’s product specifications. Third, after the inspection, we will provide immediate reporting of the progress and product quality to the client-buyer. Fourth, we request that the supplier provide certifications for certain raw materials that have been specified to be used in the product. For example, in the case of stainless steel products, many clients will request that the raw material be certified as SS 306 or 316. Fifth, the suppliers have been pre-screened for having the adequate experience to deliver quality products when they submit the bid for the project.

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