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Our Services & Solutions

DAITRA provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions to clients seeking to source directly from manufacturers in Mainland China. As a consortium base of small to medium sized factories with production facilities and capabilities in metals, plastics and other material components--we are well placed to provide products in certain very specialized areas of manufacturing. In fact, due to our diverse and specialized production base, we are able to integrate products from different areas of manufacturing. This type of integration takes experience and know-how in the various disciplines of product manufacturing and product development. Therefore, with clients that have product development and prototyping interests, DAITRA is able to support such endeavors in China. Our experience, presence and dedication allows us to successfully and efficiently assist our clients with bringing concepts and designs to reality by having prototypes and mock-ups created. By having the product developed and prototyped in China, this dramatically decreases the time to market of newly developed products, as well as working out production issues at the very beginning of where the product will most likely be sourced. We believe this will truly add value to our clients seeking to improve or maintain their competitive edge in the market place. We believe this is the true value that DAITRA is able to bring to your domestic operations. Our solutions provide the client with the ability to compete better, faster and smarter.

Our end-to-end solution is as follows:

1. Product Development & Prototyping

2. Sourcing & Supply Chain Setup

3. Supply Chain Management

DAITRA's full service solution allows us to add value to our client's business operations. DAITRA gives the client clear price comparisons and choices within our consortium of small and medium sized manufacturers. Our solution provides for greater cost reductions, quality products produced, and mitigation of risk to the client.


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