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Company Profile

DAITRA L.L.C. is headquartered in Michigan, USA with offices in the UK and China. DAITRA is a consortium of small to medium sized manufacturers in China aimed at integrating sourcing throughout different manufacturing plateforms in order to create a stable and well-managed supply chain. Our company started as DAI-Trading, which dealt with products sourced from places such as Russia and China. During this time, the company also focused on setting up distribution systems in both Russia and Taiwan in order to market the goods to retailers. As the international trade environment changed, so did DAI-Trading. It evolved to become DAITRA to assist businesses with their sourcing and manufacturing needs. These roots allow our company to truly understand the needs of businesses seeking to source their manufacturing production overseas.

Management Team

Members of the management team at DAITRA are seasoned and experienced professionals in the areas of international trade and cross-border manufacturing. Our sourcing expertise ranges from dealing with hard goods in metals and plastics to soft goods such as fabrics and textiles. In addition, we have helped a number of clients develop and prototype innovative products for their respective marketplace. We have also worked with small start-up companies seeking to establish their international supply chain at the outset. Our sourcing experience allows us to provide the best quality service and to truly appreciate the needs of our clients. Our team has also had experience dealing with the following product areas:

    • Home and Hearth Products
    • Holiday Ornaments & Toys
    • Customized Stainless Steel Agitators
    • Customized Stainless Steel Mixers
    • Electrical Wiring For Indoor & Outdoor Appliances
    • Furniture
    • Hair Accessories / Apparel & Textile Products
    • Home Furnishings & Kitchenware
    • Industrial Brushes and Cleaning Equipment
    • Polycarbonate (PC) & Polyethylene (PE or HDPE) Raw Materials
    • Vacuum Tanks For Cell Phone Casings


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