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Working with DAITRA

At DAITRA, we view every client's product as unique and novel. This provides us the mindset to thoroughly understand our clients' products. With a thorough and thoughtful understanding of each product's specifications, functions and considerations--our clients will know that the best interests of the product's development, sourcing and supply chain management are in capable and trusted hands.

Truly succeeding in sourcing overseas is not just about getting the lowest cost per product, but having a stable supply chain with quality products and people that will further the development of your company's product in the market place. Our end-to-end solutions allow our clients to focus on design and sales of their products in the market place.

Our presence in Asia, the US and the UK allows us to communicate up-to-date information and production developments to our clients as soon as they occur. In turn, issues and concerns of our clients can be immediately addressed and communicated to the supplier. This process speeds up the resolution and communication of issues, which creates for faster turnaround time for products developed, produced, and delivered.


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